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At Optimal, we understand what’s at stake during your turnarounds and projects. That’s why we value integrity, trust and expertise. We retain proven and experienced craftsmen, and with multiple locations, we can execute hundreds of customized solutions across the country so you can stay ahead of schedule and under budget. At Optimal you come first, plain and simple!

our story

We know a few things about competing with giants and exceeding expectations.

After years of working in the field, our founders decided to break from tradition and build the company they wanted to work for. They believed in starting a company rooted in trust, its team, and the idea that everyone matters and has a part in getting the job done right.

Quickly building a reputation from the ground up and growing the company along with our list of clients, Optimal is now influencing the industry and the people we serve. We live by the values that make us who we are.

And that is how we deliver the impossible for our clients and team members every day.

Our Core Values

we take care
of our people

We are
our word

we value relationships

we have something to prove

We bring our most powerful tool to every project - our people.
We have each other's back and everyone's voice matters

We commit ourselves to honesty, integrity, and delivering on our promises.

We build long-term relationships with our employees, customers and vendors.
These relationships are our lifeblood.

We take on the most challenging work and passionately pursue excellence.

our leadership

Shane Doss


Greg Varnell

VP Texas Division Operations

Jeremy Forbes

VP Operations

Jacob Fontenot

Director of Operations

Todd Jennings

Director of Quality

Tiffany Sauseda

Director of Business Operations

Jared King

Director of Safety

Lisa Agler

Crest Accounting Manager

Experience the


Stop relying on contractors who over promise, under deliver, and do not care about your success. Instead, experience the Optimal difference. Build your team with us and know you have experienced craftsmen who have your back and can deliver.

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