Experience the Optimal Difference. Build your team with us and take charge of your success.

We understand the magnitude of what's at stake during your turnarounds and projects: your reputation. That's why we drive quality, safety, and bring an unprecedented level of consistency and trust to the petrochemical and refining industries.



We Listen

We want to understand your needs so we can develop a custom solution to your project.


We Give You An Elite Team

We don't recruit. We retain the most sought-after, proven craftsmen.


Your Success

Your project is completed safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget.

Experience the


Stop relying on contractors who over promise, under deliver, and do not care about your success. Instead, experience the Optimal difference. Build your team with us and know you have experienced craftsmen who have your back and can deliver.

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"At Optimal, you come first, plain and simple."

Optimal's Key Clients

"Our teams ask specifically to work with Optimal during outages due to how well they work together."

"Optimal stays one step ahead and clearly communicates with us throughout the entire project. If there's a hold-up, it's never on their end."

"Optimal just finished a job and just before they left our job site, I had two vessel jobs come up in other units. Optimal put together a quote and finished up both jobs that same day. Any other contractor would have stretched It out at least 2 weeks."

"Optimal Is the best contractor I've ever worked with. They take ownership of their work."

"The professionalism, attitudes, and quality of work that Optimal has shown is a great experience. Our whole team is excited about the work we are doing together, and we look forward future projects."

"Optimal's team raised the bar and educated us on how a specialty contractor company is supposed to act and preform. We will no longer settle for less. Optimal is our go-to contractor."

"Optimal not only met our needs but went beyond our expectations and finished the job days early."